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Welcome to Our Dallas Restaurant and Lounge

Welcome to our Dallas restaurant and lounge that was designed for the customer who enjoys fine dining and upscale nightlife. Lit Kitchen and Lounge caters towards the type of clientele that appreciate the finer things in life. We give our clientele a reason to stay because we are all about quality food, atmosphere, and entertainment. To give you some deeper insight about our downtown Dallas restaurant, let's take a descriptive walk-through of each section in this 10,000 square foot venue which consists of The Lobby, The Bar, Elevated VIP Lounge, Aquarium, Dance Floor, and VIP Lounge. We will also shine some further light on our technology, nightlife services with our mission to become the best Dallas restaurant and lounge in the city. 

Upscale Dallas Restaurant and Lounge

After being greeted by the doorman upon your arrival, you will enter the first set of double doors into a mini corridor that is surrounded by transparent glass waterfalls on each side. Dangling above from the aluminum plated ceiling is a crystal sphere chandelier that lights up that illuminates the corridor. Clientele will enter the venue through another set of red double doors that have octopus tentacles as door handles. The octopus symbolizes the ability to comfortably blend into its atmosphere, and that is exactly how we want our clientele to feel as soon as they open the doors and enter The Lobby of our upscale Dallas restaurant and lounge. 

The Lobby

As you first step foot into the venue and turn to the right you will see 2 VIP sections with red and gold couches facing each other with their own cedar wood table, and red ottomans. This area can see-outside the front of the venue though 1 sided transparent windows that have the ability to open up the entire front side of the venue during warm weather.  Our Dallas restaurant and lounge has a great atmosphere for taking photos. Located on the opposite side of this section is a standing photo station that is perfect for group shots, and has the ability to upload photos directly to your Instagram. As you step forward into the Lobby there is an additional VIP section to the right with a black leather couch featuring gold & black tables with blue ottomans. This section is surrounded by brass railings and gold curtains.   

The Bar

Just before you take the elevated steps up to the Main Bar you will notice a transparent glass display casing of all the high-end champagne and liquor types including Ace of Spades and Dom Perignon. Moving up into The Bar of our Dallas restaurant and lounge, you will notice that it's 100 sq. ft. long and contains a beautiful polished cedar wood countertop. There are 14 sky blue suede bar stools with brass legs that are evenly spaced apart from each other, and brass railing that divides this section area from The Elevated VIP Lounge. The Bar has up to 7 bartenders working on the busiest nights serving 16 local beers on tap, and over 50 types of liquor ready for shots.

Elevated Lounge

The Elevated VIP Lounge in our Dallas restaurant and lounge is a private section that is divided by brass railing between the Main Bar and the Dance Floor. There are 5 VIP tables in this section for bottle service reservations that are facing the DJ booth and video wall with an elevated view over the dance floor. There’s not a bad seat in the house and this section gives you the ability to see everything going on in the entire venue with a turn of the head. There are 5 VIP tables in this section that are made from cedar wood. The Elevated VIP Lounge has multiple 55-inch televisions hanging from brick pillars, custom cut mirrors, and a crystal chandelier hanging down from the aluminum ceiling in the middle of this section

The Aquarium

The Aquarium is an intimate section of our Dallas restaurant and lounge that features 2 freshwater and 2 saltwater fish tanks. This area is utilized with dining tables during restaurant hours, then they get cleared and the space is utilized as a general admission area during nightclub hours. The Aquarium is perfectly dim lighted creating a romantic vibe to the location unlike any other restaurant and nightclub. This section has an 8 ft x 8 ft Airfox video wall along the back wall that displays Lit branding during dining hours, and live streams our nightlife events on the 27 x 25 ft Airfox video wall behind the DJ booth during our Dallas nightclub hours.

The Dance Floor

The Dance Floor is 400 sq. ft. and is the focal point of our Dallas restaurant and lounge because the DJ booth gives our resident DJs the ability to see every face during their performance. To the left and to the right of the DJ booth are 2 VIP sections with L shaped silver couches with surrounding silver curtains. These sections can be reserved for groups of 15 to 25 and come with their own mini-bar depending on the package. Dance Floor VIP sections are furnished with sky blue suede love seats, chairs, red and blue ottomans, brass suede maroon couches, and custom-built pullout drawers to safely store customer personal belongings.

The VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge is a narrow private section of its own in our Dallas restaurant and lounge that’s located between The Lobby and The Dance Floor. This section contains a 50-foot long sofa that splits the section into 2 VIP tables. The VIP Lounge is perfect for groups of 8 to 10 people at a table and it is divided from general admission areas by brass railing and red ropes. 

Unmatched Technology in our Dallas Restaurant and lounge


We feature unmatched technology in our Dallas restaurant and lounge that is nothing short of incredible. As far as sound is concerned, The Lobby is pushing 2 Void Acoustics Air Motions, and 1 Void Acoustics Stasys 18 sub. The Bar is pushing 4 Void Acoustics Venu 12 V1, and 1 Void Acoustics Air Vantage. The Dance Floor is pushing 6 Void Acoustics Stasys 4 tops, and 3 Void Acoustics Stasys  Xair dual 18" subs. Our amp rack contains 5 Powersoft amplifiers, and 1 QSC MP4 zone controller. 

Lighting & Effects

Our lighting and effects rig in our Dallas restaurant and Lounge is one-of-a-kind. It features 8 Chauvet R3X Beams, 4 Chauvet Pyxis, 8 RGB blaster strobes, 1 Entour hazer/foggers, 1 dual high output confetti cannon, 4 CO2 cannons, 2 Froggys Fog bubble machine, and 1 Lightjockey with touch control.  

DJ Booth

We have the perfect DJ rig that would satisfy any performing artist. The DJ booth is equipped with 2 Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS 12, 2 Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS 215 s dual 15 sub, 4 Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2, and 1 Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2. Our Dallas restaurant and lounge has the ability to supply a Pioneer S11 and or Pioneer V10 if needed by request. 

Video Walls

Lit Kitchen and Lounge takes visual presentation to the next level. The curved Airfox video wall behind the DJ booth is 19.68 ft. x 6.56 ft. and features 12 wide by 2 tall (double panels). The video wall in The Aquarium is 9.84 ft x 4.92 ft, and contains 6 wide by 3 tall (single panels).

The Owner of our Dallas Restaurant and Lounge

Meet the owner of our Dallas restaurant and lounge, Reza Dibaje. Reza is a pioneer of the Dallas nightlife having first opened Area 51 in 1999. In 2001 he opened the Go Lounge  on Greenville Ave and Euphoria Lounge which was a sushi bar and nightclub which was the first venue to introduce bottle service to Dallas nightlife. In 2005 Kinki Lounge was built, then doors opened in 2006. With much success, Reza then built the National Sports Lounge in 2007 next door to Kinki Lounge which opened in 2008. Taking some time off the industry to focus on other business endeavors, Reza bought Lit Kitchen and Lounge in 2017.

We appreciate you taking time to learn more about our Dallas restaurant and lounge. Lit Kitchen and Lounge wants to help you organize your private party or birthday party. Browse our dining menu and bottle service menu will help you get an idea of how much you are going to spend. Be sure to check out some of our reviews to see what others have to say about our Dallas restaurant and lounge.

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